Peace of Mind

Dr Megan Castner

Specialty Areas


I offer services to couples suffering fertility complications from medical assessments, through to specific, tailored, and comprehensive investigations into any underlying problems that may be impairing the ability to fall pregnant.

High & Low Risk Pregnancies

Obstetric care for low or high risk pregnancies, including twins and IVF pregnancies.

After Care

Our practice can help you acheive a safe and healthy birth as well as ongoing follow up care and advice.

Peace of Mind

Why choose me?


I began working as a private obstetrician in 2012 and work alongside a team of experts in their field.

Care & Comfort

Patient health, safety and well-being come first. I offer a relaxed and friendly, personalised service.

Mater Mothers' Private

Direct access to Mater Mothers’ Private Hospital delivery suites.


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